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Service Providers



For Employers

Register -> Post Jobs / Search for service providers and chose as per your requirements -> pay -> Get the completed job (if not satisfied with the output, the amount will be refunded)


For Service Providers (Freelancers)

Register -> Create your profile -> Get selected by employers / Apply for openings -> get the requirements from the employers -> complete the Job -> Get paid if the employer is satisfied with the output


 Registration/Sign up process


There are two choices for an user while registering at Sakhyaa

1)EMPLOYER – Registering as an employer allows the user(employer) to buy services from various                                  freelancers/service providers. The employers can post jobs for which the registered service providers                          (freelancers) can send proposals. The employer can accept / reject as per the employers decision.

2)FREELANCER / SERVICE PROVIDER: Registering as a freelancer allows the user to post services (skills, Rate,           Timelines, Output) Freelancers can also apply for jobs that various employer has posted by submitting the               required details/form.


A new user can  “log in using GOOGLE” option , and then when redirected the google accounts page , choose/ login to your google account of choice (which has never been used for sakhyaa.com anytime in the past) . And then you will have to fill up all the details like a normal new user would!


Posting Services

An user can only post services if they have signed up as a Freelancer/service provider.

For posting a service there are a few different ways:

  1. By clicking on the “POST A SERVICE”  located on the header (This button will only be seen if are logged in as a freelancer / service provider)


  1. By placing your cursor over the Profile name on top right of the screen
  • Go down to  “Manage Services”
  • Click on the “Post a Service” button.


  1. Go to your account dashboard,
  • Click on manage services on the left menu
  • Click on post a service in the dropdown.
  • Posting Jobs

An user can only post jobs if they have signed up as an Employer.

For posting a job there are a few different ways:

  1. Click on the POST A JOB button located on the header (This button will only be seem if are logged in as an Employer


  1. By placing your cursor over the Profile name on top right of the screen
  • Then go down to “Manage Jobs”
  • Click on the “Post a Job” button.


  1. Go to your account dashboard
  • Click on manage Jobs on the left menu
  • Click on post a Job in the dropdown.
  • Editing profile (to add education details , etc)

There are couple of ways to do this:

  1. Open the account dashboard > edit my profile
  2. By placing your cursor over the profile name or display picture located right of the header and then click on edit profile in the dropdown .

Once you are in the edit my profile page, you can change your details

Please add your education details here (very important)


  • Cancelling / Dispute (File for a refund)

To cancel an ongoing service / job , the employer has to click on Dashboard > Manage Services > Ongoing service > View history


click on the drop down that says Hire and change it to cancelled , and then click on the tick mark  .


For requesting a refund in case of unsatisfactory service by the service provider , the employer can file for a refund by going to the dispute page in the dashboard and choose the cancelled service and give detailed reason for the cancellation.


  • Manage ongoing services

To manage ongoing services , click on dashboard > Manage Services > Ongoing services

For further history of each ongoing service you can click on view history to get complete details of each individual service.


  • Withdrawal

To Withdraw money from the freelancers / service provider’s account , go to the dashboard and

then click on withdraw now button and type in the amount you want to withdraw.


*For withdrawing funds , the freelancer must have the payout ( Bank details??) details already saved in their account. This can be done by clicking on Dashboard > Payouts Settings and then fill in your preferred payout method

  • Chat box and sharing files

An employer and freelancer / service provider can only text each other on the inbuilt chat when the employer has bought a freelancers service , the two parties can text each other in the dashboard>inbox .

They can also share files among each other by going to the ongoing services > view history.